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I am very excited to share this news: I am joining the Hashtag Radio family (again)!

As from Friday 10 November you can listen to the #MoversAndShakers show between 10am and 12pm. This show focuses on the untold hustle of Movers And Shakers in various fields of work. Success is not only about what you have achieved or established, but the journey that got you there and not allowing any obstacle or challenges getting the better of you. It is good, informative interviews for everyone: from entrepreneurs to business owners to soccer moms or charities.

There is more: you can also tune into the #FEmaleClub on Tuesday afternoons between 2 pm and 4 pm. The FEmale Club focuses on the women in business who are shaping the world. We recognize them, we honor them, and we share their journey to reaching success: overcoming challenges and obstacles and doing what many said cannot be done! This show is for any women – young and old – with dreams, passion and goals.

I will be sharing some of the stories here too, so make sure you pop-in to see what’s new!

NOTE: Should you know someone whom you feel should be interviewed, or if you would like exposure for your brand / project, get in touch with me!


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