The comfort zone syndrome


We all know the popular saying that “magic happens outside your comfort zone”. I firmly believe that, but realized the past two weeks that we often THINK we live outside of our comfort zones, but DON’T really.

I love my job, I love capturing moments on camera, I love working on a strategy for clients and helping them with videos and more, and I love working with some of SA’s top Keynote Speakers, but don’t ask me to get in front of the camera or do a speaking engagement. Ironic, as all psychometric tests always indicated public speaking as a strong point and I did love doing it but got so caught up in life that I am out of practice.

But somehow that is exactly when the Universe and dear Lord decides to snap you right back to reality and out of that comfort zone. What was suppose to be a quick pre-recorded interview for my radio show on Hashtag Radio one Friday afternoon, turned into a video interview. I hated the idea for exactly… ten words into it. I forgot about the camera after that and did what I love doing – listening to and sharing the untold hustle stories of other Entrepreneurs. For a moment after the video I was wondering why I hated it so much… Not my number one on the list of things I love doing, but certainly not on my list of things I hate anymore.

So I was quite impressed with myself for stepping out of that comfort zone, until six days later when I attended a networking event and upon arrival got told that the speaker could not attend due to personal reasons, and got asked to please address the people as speaker for the morning. For a moment I looked up, laughed whilst thinking to myself that the Lord has a very good sense of humor.

Without any preparation, I shared my story. I simply spoke from the heart and was surprised at the reaction I got. To me it’s a story of a very stubborn girl who chase goals, work her a$$ off, make her dreams come true and try to live life to the fullest. Someone who has been knocked down in life so many times that I almost forgot how to get up again, but with the grace of God did. A determined soul who finds happiness in the small things and who – thanks to an incredible example set by my parents (and grandparents) – believe in magic and happy endings! To others it was a story of hope and inspiration in their lives. I realized once again that we all have a story to tell and no matter how insignificant we think our story is, it is a story that should be told because you never know whose life you may touch with it.

Live life boldly and go chase that magic!!!

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