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LIFE…. how ironic is it that we often need to experience the bad in order to appreciate the good. We live in an era where most communication is online, conversations are replaced by emojis and more advice is given on taking the perfect selfie than being a better human being.

What are we doing to ourselves and our loved ones? When last did you have a proper conversation with someone, or did you take a walk in nature? Do you give your family a quick “hi” and don’t really wait for a response, or do you ask “how was your day” and actually wait for the answer?

Those who know me relatively well, know that I am a workaholic of note. I am totally addicted to results and getting sh!t done, and the more I get done, the more I still want to get done. The problem with it all is that it doesn’t feel like work as I love what I do.

It took a car crash not too long ago – where I honestly did not think I was going to make it – to give me a reality check. They say in a moment like that your whole life flashes before your eyes. It was everything but that for me, but two or three days after the accident – when I eventually realized what exactly happened and how lucky I am to be alive – I started getting flashes of what I still need to do with my life. I was at that stage confused about so many things in my life and got in that car that morning fighting with God about the confusion and not knowing what to do or which way to go in life. And boom (excuse the pun)…

The point is that we often think we have time. We put certain dreams aside for “one day”, we take quality time with quality people for granted, we spend money on things and not experiences, and we often think that something or someone will make us happy. I am almost certain that all of us are guilty of this in one way or another.

I made the necessary changes. I re-arranged priorities. And I re-evaluated my Bucket- and Fckit Lists. Because we don’t just “have time”. Don’t wait until life give you a proper wake-up call to make those changes. Do it now….



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